Christmas 2020 - Let's get Planning

January 9, 2020


Christmas 2020 = I can hear you:

“Are you flipping kidding me? I’m still recovering from the Christmas that has just past and you want to talk about next Christmas????”


Yip - I do! 


You need to start strategising for Christmas 2020 NOW

You need to start ‘Sharpening your Saw’ for Christmas 2020 while Christmas 2019 is still fresh in your mind.

You need to be deploying the Empress Mindset that will elevate you and your business to the next level.


In business, you are only as good as you were yesterday. 

Your clients demand ‘better’!

Your competitors took note of your wins and are ready to copy!! (Hell, some of them copied you while you were delivering this Christmas)


Trust me when I tell you this, there are teams of people around the world who are doing exactly this.


They are stepping into ‘Strategist’ mode right now. They understand the philosophy of never standing still and always learning, and being ready way before anyone else! They are assessing this year and getting crystal clear on their end game for next Christmas. 


(I want you for a moment to pause and think to yourself - Who offered something that you really wish you had thought of? And if you say no-one, you’re lying. Do you think that offering was an accident? Nope - I can guarantee you that it is was designed way before, most probably in the week after Christmas last year. And as everyone ‘copied’, that entrepreneur was calm and planning for the next …. )  


Indulge me as I use both a product and service example here:


After reviewing Christmas 2018, a product client of mine saw a trend where a worrying number of clients were abandoning their baskets on her website. Yet, these same products were selling out in stores/markets where they were stocked. I asked her what was the difference between what she offered on her website versus what was offered in the physical location. She didn't know. So I challenged her to find out. 


The result - the stores/markets where the products sold out offered a bespoke gift wrapping service. And right there was the game changer for her for Christmas 2019. She offered bespoke gift wrapping - for free - on her website. Sales soared! 


A service based business I work with told me that she never makes money in December as people just don't utilise the kind of services she offers at that time of the year. I called bullshit and we researched and brainstormed and came up with a unique offering - a teaser into a bigger programme she offers that could be given as a gift to someone.


We trialed it in December 2019. For the first time in a number of years she ended the year with in her words: "A very positive bank balance!"


"When Reflecting 80% is what you know and 20% smacks you on the side of the head!"

Only by Reflecting, do you get clear on what this 20% is and allows you to make decisions about your future focus


So, if you’re serious about having a ‘blowout’ Christmas 2020, here’s where I suggest you do.


Grab a cup/glass of something, step into the ‘Strategist’ Role, answer the questions I've posed (Be Brutally Honest with yourself) and then get planning! That’s called Stepping into the Empire Mindset. 


Better yet, pop me a message and we’ll work through them together on a Discovery Call and I will throw in one or two bonus questions. 


Here's the questions:


- What worked? Why do I think it worked?


- What didn't work? Why do I think it didn't work? 


- Any 'surprises'?


- What didn't I know that I now wish I did?


- What would I have done differently knowing what I know now? 

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