Expansion - My Guide Word for 2019

January 2, 2019




Last year my guide word found me quite easily. 


This year I have had to let it simmer and reveal itself. And when it did reveal itself I was a little skeptical and unsure of why Expansion. (Part of me was worried that I’m stuck on the letter E in the alphabet, seeing as how last year my word was Elevation)


So the Universe stepped in and showed me why. 


On New Years Eve, my coach spoke about the 'Confidence Click' and the lightbulb went on for me! 


Then yesterday as part of an Intuition Masterclass I’m doing the expert spoke about how this year is all about expanding and connections and being truly authentic. And again, the lightbulb went on!!


One of things I always have my clients do when choosing their word is to really get clear on their definition of their guide word for themselves - sometimes not what the dictionary is telling you is the definition but the definition for yourself. 


For me it is: 


"Expansion is moving into the space of limitless possibilities, by letting go of the self-imposed limitations you are still carrying from past experiences" (Wanda Virgo)


"Focus creates Expansion" 


 And once I got clear on my definition and that this was the right word for my year, the real work started.


Because you don't just pick a word and then leave it! You need to start defining how you will embody this word during the year, and the starting point in that is the process of "More of/Less of/Looks Like/Shows up as"  ......


Here is a taste of what that means for me:


More of ........




Building on 2018


Less of ............

Energy Vampires





Feels like .....



Shows up as  .....



I am both excited and nervous for where  'Expansion' is going to take me. But I am ready. 










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