One Little Word: My Journey for 2018

December 5, 2018

We use on average 16,215 words per day. To say words are an important part of our lives would be a massive understatement.


So can ONE word which guides you over a year, really change your life. Hell Yes!


As I say - Be careful of the word you choose, because once chosen it takes on a life of its own. (Just ask some of the incredible people in my Reflect and Renew Facebook group - who’s Word Guide stories I will share in an upcoming blog post)


I have chosen a ‘guide’ word for about the last 6 years. Some have been a breeze and some have seriously kicked my ass!! Like the year I chose ‘Work’ (what the hell was I thinking …. ok, I wasn’t. I chose it in a moment of panic, the less said the better)  and I travelled for almost the entire year. All because I didn’t define what ‘work’ meant!!


At the end of last year, the word ‘Elevate’ chose me during a coaching session with a client where we were choosing her word. (Yes, you don’t just pick a random word out of the sky, there’s a process. An amazing, eye opening, soul searching, emotional release process that leads you ultimately to your word)




‘Elevate’ has taken me on such an amazing journey this year. I could actually write a book about it, and maybe I will.


I started by really getting clear for myself on my own unique definition of ‘Elevate’. (Or as I call it: More of ….; Less of …..; Feels like …..; Shows up as …..)


One of the unique things I did on my journey was to have a special bracelet made with my word engraved onto it which I wear every day as a special reminder.  


To give you a little insight into my journey I wanted to share two elements - one business and one personal. 



To ‘Elevate’, I decided I wanted to be healthier. Particularly around exercise and eating. I wrote that down in my beautiful journal dedicated to my word and then did nothing - sounds familiar doesn’t it. Boy - did ‘Elevate’ decide to kick my ass into gear.


In April, my body decided to press reset and forced me to elevate my health. (I really thought I was dying, actually at points I thought death would be better than the pain I was in. A peptic ulcer and very little stomach lining can do that to you!) I crawled between my couch and my bed for a week I would really rather forget and then I ‘elevated’. I got serious, I changed my diet, fixed my gut health naturally and started walking 10,000 steps per day. 


I figured out what more of; less of in food meant. I got better, lost weight and today I feel 10,000 times better than I did last year this time.



In my business, I really defined ‘Elevate’ for myself. To ‘elevate’ to the next level I took the plunge and joined two international coaching circles. I joined the one with the last moolah in my bank account and said right Let’s Elevate!


Wow! Wow! Wow! 


The growth in myself as an individual and in my business has been incredible. One of the key lessons I learnt was how I had ‘parked’ some of my skills because that would mean playing big and who was I to play big.

I learnt to say ‘Screw That’ and ‘Screw You’ to some people who I had allowed to take up headspace that didn’t belong to them!!


My business has ‘elevated’ and completely transformed. 

I’m crystal clear on what I offer, who I offer this to, and how I offer this.


‘Elevate’ meant many other things, like: Facebook Lives, hosting networking events, having a standing hair appointment every 10days, swimming in a costume in full view of others, ……


Have you ever chosen a Guide Word and what was your journey? I would love to know. I will be sharing some other posts where clients who are also on their own ‘Word Guide’ journey share their insights.


I’d also like to invite you to check out my upcoming Guiding Intention Workshops I will be running in Jan and Feb 2019. My Soul Retreats for these two months will also have this as their theme






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