Shiny Bright Object Syndrome

December 1, 2018

 You pride yourself on the fact that you're innovative and always trying out new ideas. Hell, that's a big reason you became an entrepreneur - to try out the ideas running around in your head. 


But if you're like many of the entrepreneurs I work with, you suffer from the disease of: Too many ideas!!

Or as my coach calls it: 'Shiny Bright Object Syndrome'!!


Something 'bright' catches your eye and you're like: "Ooh, that looks interesting. I could totally do that. I think my clients would like that." 


Six hours later there are a dozen Pinterest boards dedicated to it, you've created a flyer to send to your clients and the Facebook ad is ready to launch.  (I can totally hear you laughing nervously)


Suddenly, you're being pulled in all sorts of different directions. Your Facebook/Instagram Page and your newsletter is a 'mess' of different ideas. 

You're flustered, you are spending money on keeping stock of a million different things, the stuff that is the reason you started your business is not selling and your clients are totally confused. Everyone is asking for everything!!!


Listen ladies, I'm talking to myself here as well - I've been there, done that! I have completely confused clients. (I once had a client say to me: Ok, so what is that you don't do? Cringeworthy moment right there!)

My client's call me the 'Ideas Chick' for heavens sake - it's my superpower!!


I am not for a moment telling you to stop experimenting with new ideas. 

I just want you to put each new idea through the following filter:


In my business, all roads lead to ............... (Your core service offering or product)


If the 'Shiny Bright Object' doesn't lead clients to your core service offering or product, dump it! Or start another separate business. If it can be another monetary way of leading your client to your core service offering or product, add it!


Use the 'Bright Shiny Object' to build your brand, not dilute it!!


Here's a real example: You're a photographer, but when I look at your social media I see that you are also selling jewellery which has absolutely nothing to do with photography!


What do I see: A confused brand, one that makes me think twice about investing into it.

But - if you're a photographer who also sells Customised Memory Boxes and maybe an online workshop around creating a Memory Box, that's a brand building a client journey! That's an Entrepreneur building an Empire!!


So, if you've got a million ideas swimming around and you're not sure where they will dilute or build your brand, I'd love to chat. Let's put the ideas through some filters and build your empire. (And trust me - I WILL throw in some ideas of my own. Because that's my superpower) 







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