Decisions Define Destiny

November 1, 2018

Have you ever noticed that when you hesitate or feel overwhelmed when making a decision, nothing goes right?

But once the decision is made, it seems as though everything aligns?


I had a client who was completely stuck in a job that was slowly eating him alive. He knew that he needed to make a change but he stalled and stalled and stalled.

Until one day, fuelled by a number of things, he took a radical decision to start his own business.

Imagine his surprise when out of the blue, a client who no longer dealt with the organisation for a number of years called him and said: "Do you still work at x?" To which he replied: "Yes but only until the end of the month." The client then said: "Great, because I would really like to work with you but not if you were still working at x."

And just like that, he had his first paying customer!

"Shaping a life of your own design starts with a decision." 


Another client was completely bored at work and wanted a new challenge. But she knew the chances of finding another job at her current salary was a stretch. She started by researching companies that she wanted to work for. There was nothing in the organisations that fitted what she wanted to do.

Enter her decision - She decided to create a position that she believed two of the companies she wanted to work for needed and one that she would love doing.

Guess what happened? Yip, the Universe intervened.

A day after our session and her getting clear on what the next steps were a colleague in another department in her organisation approached her and told her he thought his wife needed someone like her.

Very surprised, she asked him what he meant. His response stunned her - his wife was a Director in one of the companies she had decided to target.

She resigned last week to join this company!


So why is this?

Well, its quite simple actually.

Our energy, and the energy within the Universe can only give you what you want when you are clear!!

And by taking decisions we send clear messages!!


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