Slow Down to Go Faster

August 14, 2018

This is the philosophy of everything that I offer as The Elevation Coach.


I call it hitting the Pause button. Because let's be honest, in our busy busy lives how often do we actually pause? For most women I work with, there are a million reasons why they can't pause. (And most of them are bullshite excuses but that's a topic for another post.)


When you hit the pause button, you give yourself a gift. A gift that allows you to breathe, to be quiet and to really shape your future. 


There are two elements to the philosophy.


The first one is: Reflect



There are a myriad of ways that I use this, but one of my favourites is to give someone a mirror and get them to really look deep within themselves and answer questions posed by 'the mirror'.


And we always start with this question: "What is one word you would use to describe yourself?" 

(This seems like such a simple question doesn't it? Yet, in a group of 10, I will have at least 2 women who really struggle to answer and ask if they can skip the question. Others will answer something that they think I want to hear or will lean over and ask a friend to help them.)


Imagine how shocked they are when I answer: My word is Chaos! (Well, let's be honest to cause ripples in your pond and take you to the next level is going to take a little bit of chaos!!) 


I have seen women radically transformed through the awareness they gain just by really looking at themselves 'differently'. 


An invite: Share the one word you would use to describe yourself in the comments section. I would love to know.


The second is where the magic really happens and its: Renew



I love the part of the description where its says: Replace something that is worn out or broken.


Because that is exactly what Renew is all about - it's about getting crystal clear around what you want your life to look like.

It's about deciding Who you want to Be.

It's about tapping into your soul dreams - you know, the ones that you secretly daydream about, the ones you started but then put on hold, the ones that make your heart race. 

It's about tapping into your inner power. 

It's about breaking free and emerging.


But most of all, it's about starting to shape a Life of Your OWN Design. 


Invitation: Get relaxed, close your eyes and see what your soul whispers when you ask it What does a Life of My Own Design look like? 


So if you're ready to Shape a Life of Your Own Design, I would love to work with you!








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