When 'shift' happens

July 2, 2018

So you know the feeling when your life is great and then one day it isn't?


When you want more?

When your soul is crying out for something different?

When success looks different?

When something has shifted for you?


Well you're in the right place.


I loved every minute of my corporate career. Until one day I didn't. Until one day I wanted something different/something more in line with my soul calling.


Was I scared - Yes! Did I think - who am I to want anything more/different and why can't I just be content with what I have - Definite Yes!


I decided to hit the pause button and I got back in touch with myself, with who I had become, really listened to what my soul was calling out for and most all of all what I wanted my life to look like going forward.


And I began to shape this new life, Hell I am still shaping this life. I still hit the pause button often and re-shape my life so that it works for me as I elevate to the next level as a woman, a leader and a soulpreneur.


And best of all I get to use all the amazing tools both from my corporate days as well as from the life I am shaping to guide others in shaping a life that works for them.


In the words of one of my clients: "Diane reintroduces you to yourself, and then gently guides you to shape life on your own terms."


So if you're looking to re-shape your life - even if that means making tiny changes because what worked last year/last week/yesterday is not working anymore and it's time for change - I would love to be part of your journey.

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