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"Helping Women Entrepreneurs build Empires while doing what they love!"

Hi - I am Diane, the 'face' behind The Elevation Coach.

I love a couple of things:

  • Reading

"I don't have a preference for what I read, as long as I'm reading. My current obsession is anything to do with Mindset"​

  • Writing

"I have filled so many journals and notebooks I need extra shelves for them in my home"​

  • Trying new things

"You never get the same 'twice' is what my clients say"​

  • Sharing what I learn 

"My reason for being"

  • And Stationery

"Ask my hubby who has been dragged into more stationery shops than he cares to remember"

During my corporate life, my bosses loved that I loved reading and writing. 

Trying new things, not so much and sharing what I learned with clients without charging always came up as a negative rating in my performance reviews.

So I decided to combine all the things I love and 'The Elevation Coach' was born.

My passions form the cornerstones on my business. 

I get to read - let's make that research - constantly. There isn't a day that I don't read and learn something new.

My writing takes many different forms - from creative journalling to coaching material.

I have carte blanche to try new things - it makes my day to have people ask me: So what we trying today.

And I get to share my knowledge and through this help others shape their businesses and their lives.

Oh, and as you can gather stationery is critical to all of this. I mean - who doesn't need butterfly paper clips in their life?? And customised butterfly clipboards for clients to use??

So, if you are looking to combine the things you love to shape a life of your own design and build your empire, I would love to be your guide. 

Pop on over to my Blog Posts: When 'shift' happens and It's in the quiet moments we find our true purpose to learn more about my journey. 

+27 82 456 0375

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