Where Soul and Strategy Meet

Your business is not a hobby!

It's not something you do 'on the side' or to 'keep yourself busy'.

This is your life.  Your soul work. It's you sharing your gifts with the world.

But you never quite realised what this would take.

You feel like you're working your butt off but often it's like nothing you're doing is working. 

Sometimes you're crushing it and other times it's like you're wading in quicksand.

You want this business to be easy. To work for you.


You've tried doing this on your own.

Hell, you've watched endless webinars, taken expense courses and even worked with a coach.  

All that's done for you is make you feel more confused and perhaps a little inadequate.

You're  so tired. You just want someone to take your hand and say: Here's a plan.

If you're honest with yourself you're looking for a business bestie.


Someone who gets as excited as you do about your business and it's potential. 

Someone who stretches you and gets you to dream bigger and bolder.

Someone who makes it doable. 

Someone who takes your hand and says: "Ok, here's what we going to do ...." 

I believe that business is part Strategy and part Soul. When you infuse your soul into your strategy, that's when the magic happens. 

so what is elevation?

'Creating ripples in your pond to      take you to the next level'

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